Bulk Personalized 8 fl oz. glass bottle of Coca-Cola

Place bulk orders of personalized bottles with a variety of different names (up to 100 at a time) on our classic Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, and Coke Zero Sugar labels.

If you would like to purchase personalized Coke bottles with special occasion labels, you can create those on our single bottle customization page. We'll be adding our special occasion labels to this page soon!

Get special pricing on bulk orders!
$6 per bottle with price breaks based on quantity;
see discount details in the product description below.
Enter up to 100 unique names. After you have entered or pasted the names into the field below, select Add to Cart. It may take approximately 1 second for each name. Please do not leave the page or select the Add to Cart button again.
Need custom Coke bottles for an event or large group? Choose between Coke, Diet Coke, and Coke Zero Sugar, and select as many different custom names and phrases (up to 18 characters) as you like. Pay $6 per bottle with special pricing based on order size! Price breaks are as follows:

  • $6 for each bottle, quantities under 100

  • 15% off for purchases of 100 bottles or more

  • 25% off for purchases of 500 bottles or more
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