Coca-Cola X Timex Unity Indiglo Digital Watch

Unisex digital watch.

Like offering to buy someone a Coke, the act of asking for the time is a meaningful gesture -- a way of bridging differences, striking up good conversation, and finding community. Detailed with nostalgic 70s-inspired designs that evoke the spirit of unity, the timepieces in this capsule are a cheerful reminder to embrace opportunities for connection and move through the world with compassion.

Retro illustrations bring whimsy to this digital T80. This timepiece plays the iconic "Hilltop" commercial: "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing(in Perfect Harmony)", to help celebrate a timeless message of love and harmony.

  • Stainless steel case back and adjustable bracelet
  • Indiglo light-up watch dial
  • Water resistant to 30 meters
  • Chronograph watch with alarm
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Weight (lbs)0.600000