Coca-Cola Silver Contour Bottle

Silver contour bottle.

This silver plated contour bottle is a perfect addition to your Coca-Cola collection.  This bottle comes nestled inside a molded insert inside a red gift box and features the script logo embossed on the front.  This item  has been in the Archives for a while and as a result is tarnished and will need to be polished to get it back to its original silver appearance.

  • Approximate dimensions - bottle: 8"x2" round
  • Approximate dimensions - gift box: 9.5"x4.5"x4"

    Additional information about the Archives:  In 1939, The Coca-Cola Archives was established from a collection of advertising pieces featuring the Coca-Cola trademark in existence at the time. There was interest in creating a Coca-Cola museum after the company's 50th anniversary in 1936, but the idea did not immediately come to fruition. The first World of Coca-Cola was opened in 1990 at the Underground Atlanta. The current World of Coca-Cola, in Centennial Park was opened in 2007.  All of the Archive items available on this site were originally held in The Coca-Cola Company Archives and we hope you enjoy having a piece of history from our Archives in your home.
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Weight (lbs)1.550000