00:03 Generations of Americans have answered the call

00:05 to step up.

00:08 to serve.

00:09 to sacrifice.

00:13 Facing threats in warzones

00:18 both abroad

00:19 and at home

00:21 Service members and their families are often separated 

00:24 and must tackle uncertainty, stress, urgency and danger 

00:26 all just in their daily lives

00:29 Since 1941, the USO has stood by their side 

00:31 providing critical resources, support, 

00:35 and connections to home

00:37 adapting to ever-changing needs

00:39 via innovation and technology 

00:42 24 hours a day

00:44 365 days a year.

00:46 so that service members stay strong 

00:49 and their families can continue to thrive 

00:52 From the moment they enlist 

00:55 through deployments

00:59 and transitions home again

01:03 the USO is a constant,

01:04 unwavering

01:06 Force

01:08 Behind the Forces®

01:09 Supporting our men and women in uniforms 

01:15 anywhere and everywhere they go.

01:18 Because the sacrifices of service members 

01:22 and their families

01:24 require that we rise to the challenge

01:25 as we've done for the past 80 years

01:28 and will continue to do for years to come.

01:31 Because nothing is more important than serving those who serve us all.

01:35 Give to those who give their all.

01:40 Visit USO.org