00:00 [Music]

00:06 at Boys & Girls Clubs it's not just

00:10 about trying new things it's not about

00:14 learning the right steps or making

00:19 contact

00:25 it's not about exploring the future it's

00:28 about helping them build it it's about

00:31 taking steps to greatness about making a

00:35 connection it's about proving every kid

00:38 and team has what it takes

00:40 it's about people in our clubs who bring

00:43 out the greatness in every kid who

00:44 enters our doors it's not just about

00:47 being on stage it's about walking across




00:50 it great futures start here and here and



00:57 here



For over 70 years, Coca-Cola® and Boys & Girls Clubs have worked together to help young people reach their full potential. We share an interesting and dynamic history dating back to former Coca-Cola President, Robert Woodruff.




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Dominique Wilkins shares his story; basketball legend and proud Boys & Girls Club member since 1972.