How to be Happy

How to be Happy
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Step One

LIVE LIFE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT – Helen Keller once wrote, "When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us." Don't regret or look longingly at the past and don't project your entire being into an unknown future. Choose to be happy this exact moment and remember: learn from the past, hope for the future, but live in the present!

Step Two

PUT YOUR SMILE ON – Numerous scientific studies suggest that smiling, even if you're just faking it, can help to determine if you feel happy or not. The very act of smiling releases endorphins into the body, which increase your sense of well-being and overall happiness!

Step Three

CHOOSE TO BE OPTIMISTIC – According to Forbes' magazine 40% of your happiness can be attributed directly to your outlook on day-to-day life situations and challenges. So whether things are going good or bad, make a conscious choice to live an optimistic life of consequence and positivity.

Step Four

Focus on Family
and Friends –
Studies have shown that men and women who have three or more supportive family relationships or friendships are less likely to suffer from metabolic, stress, blood pressure or cholesterol related diseases and ailments.

Step Five

Money Doesn't
Buy Happiness –
More money might bring more possessions and comforts, but study after study has proven that more "things" never equate more happiness. Make enough money to meet your basic needs, anything beyond this only serves to complicate life with extra stress and complexity.

Step Six

and Forget –
A University of Tennessee study showed that those who regularly practiced forgiveness showed improved cardiovascular health, lower stress and more happiness.

Step Seven

Help Others
Be Happy –
"Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it." – Bernard Meltzer. Spreading a little happiness is one of the most effective ways of bringing more happiness into your own life. The Law of Reciprocity has been taught by spiritual teachers for millennia. If you give love, kindness and happiness unto the world then you can rest assured that more happiness is sure to flow back into your own life.

Step Eight

Don't Worry,
Be Happy –
Human beings are not born into the world with a predisposition of fear, doubt and worry. Worry has been one of the great detriments to humanity's physical, emotional and spiritual health since the dawn of time. So choose to live a life without worry. Worrying about an unknown future has never once brought a positive change to that future, so why bother worrying at all?

Step Nine

Laugh out Loud – They say that laugher is the best medicine, and it's true! University of California researchers tested the effects of laugher on the body and found that laughter reduced stress significantly and also increased endorphin levels by over 27%.

Step Ten

Feed the Soul – Countless studies show that those people who participate in religious and spiritual growth can handle stress better and are significantly happier. Perhaps it's the feeling of a greater purpose and calling, acceptance, or sense of community. Either way, the benefits are clear that having a healthy spiritual life leads to a healthier and happier life!

The question is a simple one,
“how to be happy in life?”

An unassuming enough question, sure, yet, through its simplicity have spawned thousands of years of books, movies, music, spiritual teachings, classes, discussion and all manner of products under the sun.

We don't know the secret formula for how to be happy, but at Coca-Cola we're doing our part to get a start on solving the mystery! As part of our quest to solve the mystery we created the Coca-Cola happiness machine. Since then we've been pouring out a little bit of happiness all over the world!

How to Be Happy in Life Video

You don't have to have all the answers to open up a little happiness for yourself or others. Take a look at our top 10 steps on how to be happy and see how you can use these basic principles to take your life in that Coca-Cola happiness direction!

In the quest for "how to be happy in life" we cannot simply rely on a 10-step guide. Don't think of these lessons as the "be all end all" to the road to true happiness, but think of them as a starting place. For true happiness is not a destination, but the journey of life itself.