Happy Music

Happy Music
Happy Music

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Happy Music

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What do listening to music,
being in love and
drinking your favorite beverage
(like an ice cold Coca-Cola!)
all have in common? All of these activities can cause an uncontainable amount of happiness and joy to pour over you in an instant! It's not hard to see why sipping on a Coca-Cola or listening to your favorite happy music playlist make people smile every day.

Music has been a cultural passion across the world for millennia. Feeling the deep bass reverberating through your body, full bodied guitar solos pouring out notes and chords, and poetically crafted vocals that send our minds spinning and souls souring. Music is the ultimate shared experience around the world.

We're in the business of spreading happiness every day all over the world, and what better to spread a little joy than with Coca-Cola and music! The perfect happy song can brighten your day faster than almost anything. When it comes to happy music Coca-Cola knows a thing or two. Check out our happy music featured artist and add a little joy to your day!

Happy Song Video

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Happiness can be found flowing out of music all around the world. But there's always that one happy song that adds just a little more happiness than all the others. We might be a bit biased, but we challenge you to listen to our favorite happy song without smiling!

It's not hard to see why people are so passionate about their favorite happy music. So what are you waiting for? Open a little happiness with your favorite track and a delicious Coca-Cola now.